Disability Insurance

As an Accountant or Accounting professional you have worked hard to establish your career and create financial stability. An unexpected accident or illness could derail your plans and hard work. Disability Insurance provides up to 70% of your income if you are injured or sick and no longer able to work.

What would you do for income if you were no longer able to work?

Could you pay your bills and provide for your family on government assistance alone?

Do you have enough money saved to still provide for yourself in your working years, and your retirement years?

Disability Business Insurance


Key Man DI

Key Man Disability Insurance allows an Employer to purchase a Disability policy on their Key Employees. The policy will pay out either a lump-sum or monthly benefit to the Employer to make up for the loss of revenue sustained from the Disability of a Key Employee or Partner.

Buy / Sell

A permanent disability may affect a Partner’s ability to maintain ownership in the Firm and the remaining Partners may need to buyout their Disabled Partner. A Buy/Sell Disability policy will provide funding to Buy-Out the equity of a Disabled Partner.

Group Coverage

With as little as 3 total Employees, including Owners, your firm can obtain Group Disability Insurance. Providing this valuable benefit to your firm helps improve employee retention and provides valuable disability coverage with limited health underwriting. 

What Accountant’s Insurance Direct Does

Accountant’s Insurance Direct has access to the industries best Disability Insurance Carriers and will shop the market to ensure we provide you with the best benefits and the best price. We have years of experience in both personal Disability Insurance, Business Disability Insurance, and Group Disability Insurance and can help you navigate the market to find the best solution for you and/or your business.