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As an Accountant you work hard at your profession and work hard to provide for your loved ones.

Accountant’s Insurance Direct is here to help you protect what you care for.

With licensed advisors in all 50 states and access to over 40 of the nation’s top insurance carriers Accountant’s Insurance Direct specializes in providing the best Life Insurance and Disability Insurance solutions in the country.

Why Life Insurance


Life Insurance provides more than just a tax-free Death Benefit to your beneficiaries if you pass away – Life Insurance also provides peace of mind, so you know your loved ones would be financially taken care of if anything happened to you. Life Insurance can also be a powerful business planning tool for your Accounting Firm.

Benefits of Life Insurance


Tax Free Death Benefit

Cash Value in Permanent Plans

Used for both Personal and Business Plans

Peace of Mind

Transferrable Asset in Secondary Market

Types of Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance


  • Lowest cost form of Life Insurance
  • Guaranteed Length of Coverage & Guaranteed Premium
  • Designed for temporary insurance needs

Universal Life Insurance


  • Most flexible form of Life Insurance
  • Provides options for Permanent Coverage
  • Can be designed to mirror a Permanent Term Plan or to Develop Cash Value
  • May allow you to increase or decrease premiums as needed

Whole Life Insurance


  • Most expensive form of Life Insurance
  • Permanent Life Insurance
  • Provides Guaranteed Death Benefit and Guaranteed Cash Value
  • Additional Cash Value growth potential via non-guaranteed dividends

Reasons to Buy

Personal Insurance Needs

Starting a Family

Purchased a New Home

Alternative Retirement Planning

Estate & Legacy Planning

Business Insurance Needs

Key Man Insurance

Funding a Buy/Sell Agreement

Group Coverage for Your Employees

Executive Benefits

How to Apply

Accountants Insurance Direct makes the Life Insurance
process as easy as and transparent as possible.

Run Your Rates and Select Your Coverage

Complete Our Online Application Inquiry or Request a Consultation

Your File is Reviewed by an Underwriter to Confirm Approval

Accept and Pay for Your Coverage